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              Italian nadian Sports Federation – Supporting Community Sport.

              Current Programs

              2022-23 Programs

              U4 – U5 Programs (born 2019-2018)

              The Early Kickers program is designed to introduce players to the game of soccer by increasing their comfort level with the ball. Players participate in fun soccer activities designed to encourage contact with the ball and focused on movement, dribbling, passing and shooting. We encourage all players to participate with a positive attitude and have lots of fun! Early Kickers programming is on Saturdays and/or Sundays at Beaconsfield Park or indoors at the Italian Cultural Centre.

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              2022-23 Programs

              U6 – U7 Programs (born 2017-2016)

              TIMBITS is a child’s first introduction to organized soccer and focuses on building and strengthening fundamental soccer skills through ball centric activities. Through regularly structured practices with a team coach activity focuses on basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, body movement and proper stance. Timbits practice once a week indoors and play games on Saturday mornings at Beaconsfield Park against other teams. Timbits soccer introduces players to a team environment where they learn and develop with other players and play fun games on weekends.

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              2022-23 Programs

              U8 – U10 Programs (born 2015-2013)

              The minis program builds on prior training and further develops skills within a fun team environment. The goal is to reinforce the fundamentals of soccer through structured practices with a team coach and game play. Skills focus on refining and developing ball skills and technique and introducing organized game play with teammates. Minis practice indoors and play games in the Vancouver Youth Soccer League on Saturday/Sunday mornings against other Vancouver soccer clubs.

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              2022-23 Programs

              U11 – U12 Programs (born 2012-2011)

              This level provides players with their first experience playing competitive soccer. Players are evaluated prior to the season and placed on teams with players of similar skill and ability. Although the emphasis at this age is still a fun learning environment, players are expected to be more serious at training and game play includes a wider tchment of clubs playing games against teams of similar skill and ability. Cognitive and physil development at this age is rapid and training is critil as players prepare for Divisional and the opportunity to explore Intake into BC Soccer Premier League. Practices are held twice a week at lol turfs and fields and games are on Saturdays (Boys) and Sundays (Girls).

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              2022-23 Programs

              U13 – U18 Programs (born 2010-2005)

              Divisional players are placed on teams of similar abilities and play in the British Columbia Coastal Soccer League. At this level players are exposed to the full soccer experience and compete for Divisional Titles, League Cups and the possibility of challenging for a Provincial Cup. Player development is still a large component at this stage however it is fostered within a competitive team environment where scores and standings are kept. Teams practice 2 times per week at lol turf fields and play games on Saturdays (Boys) and Sundays (Girls) throughout the lower mainland.

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              Conwest Coppa Italia

              Thank you to all the lol businesses who graciously supported the tournament, the team representatives and players for all their hard work and dedition, the ICSF Conwest Coppa Italia Technil Committee, and the amazing ICSF Conwest Coppa Italia Tournament Organizing Committee, in helping to make ICSF Conwest Coppa Italia 2022 a great success!

              Welcome new Director of Coaching

              The ICSF Board is pleased to announce Roberto Dattilo will join us as our new Director of Coaching. We are extremely excited to bring Roberto Dattilo onboard and look forward to his work in improving our player development and strengthening our coaches.

              Welcome new ICSF Administrator

              Sacha Mullen has joined the ICSF as our new Administrator. Sacha will be the first point of contact for many of our members' inquiries and help parents ensure their questions are answered and assist in registration of programs and entry into league play in the BCCSL and VYSA League.

              Italian nadian Sports Federation

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              Established in 1979, the ICSF offers quality community soccer programming for youth aged 4 to 20 in a safe and inclusive environment.

              The founders of the ICSF worked very hard to organize Italian youth soccer in East Vancouver. Many of our founders now have their grandchildren playing here as they continue to support the ICSF and the next generation of players. The ICSF is now a multicultural organization with a vision to bring the youth soccer community together to learn all aspects of the “Beautiful Game”.

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              ICSF Title Sponsor Conwest Group

              The Conwest Group is a lol, privately owned, merchant real estate developer founded in the early 1980s.

              The Conwest Group has business lines in civil infrastructure construction, industrial, commercial, and residential development. In addition, purpose built rental residential development and social purpose real estate partnerships are signifint aspects of our business.

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